Thursday 23rd June

Not much to report this evening and it was pretty much the same birds as in the last few days: the 6 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER are still around with one juvenile bird included in their number. The "extra" REDSHANK has left to leave just the two of them still in Burgess Channel. I only managed to spot one of the lapwing chicks this evening though they can be extremely well hidden so the other two may still be around. I forgot to mention a fly-over STOCK DOVE yesterday evening.

I managed to spot these mating moths this evening. I'm guessing that they're hawk moths of some kind and will look them up tomorrow but if anyone knows what they are then drop me a line.

Addendum: Thanks to the power of twitter I was told that they are Poplar Hawk-moths. My thanks to Les Hill (@dorsetmoths) for the ID.

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