Friday 1st June

Well here we are in June and yet once again there was enough of interest on the Meadow to warrant another posting today. On a late morning run around the patch I found 6 RINGED PLOVER and 1 DUNLIN together and seperately 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER. On the duck front the RED-CRESTED POCHARD was still about but unfortunately there was no sign of the garganey. The first summer LITTLE GULL was back with the black-headed gulls which was nice to see. Today there were 5 LITTLE EGRETS and several grey herons and a whopping total of 51 mute swans. Very little of note in Burgess Field with just two small heath butterflies and several common heath moths about. The Trap Grounds reed beds now hold at least 4 singing male reed warblers. As in previous years one of the late-comers has had to be content with a territory in the ditch on the other side of the path from the pond - presumably all the prime reedbed spots have already been claimed.

One final thing to report is that this morning in my garden I saw a very brief glimpse of a bird which just might possibly have been a golden oriole! It was about the right size and bright yellow so it would have been a male. It was far too bright to be anything like a green woodpecker which is the classic confusion species especially with females/first summers. I only saw it for a fraction of a second in flight so I'm not claiming anything but I thought that I would just mention it.

It's nice to see the ringed plovers finally coming through on
 their passage though they're several weeks late this year

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