Saturday 15th September

The continuing Indian summer is taking its toll on the floods which are now down to a depressingly small area and without some sustained rain shortly they will in fact dry up altogether. Wader numbers are diminishing as the floods shrink: over the last couple of days there have been a few BLACK-TAILED GODWITS (though these had gone by Saturday), the RUFF still and a handful of RINGED PLOVER and DUNLIN. By way of some compensation there are a few YELLOW WAGTAILS kicking about, golden plover numbers are increasing, and there was a RAVEN soaring over the floods on Saturday but it's really a matter of praying for rain right now. It would be a shame to lose the floods during the peak time for vagrants now.

Along the Castle Mill stream there were quite a few dragonflies this morning with one Brown Hawker, one Common/Ruddy (Cruddy?) Darter and three Migrant Hawkers. Still no Redstart yet.

One of the Black-tailed Godwits (c) Roger Wyatt

 A camouflaged mystery birder waiting for something to come close enough...
...there's not much left of the flood water now.

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