Saturday 3rd November

After all the excitement of the last couple of days it was back to reality today. Despite what I imagine was a reasonable turn-out this morning there was no sign of the American Golden Plover and indeed it wasn't seen all day. In fact an AGP was reported in Cambridgeshire today so it's possible that "our" bird left yesterday afternoon and has now made it over there. This would fit in with the theory that it was the same bird that was seen at Tring Reservoirs on Wednesday which would make it quite a wide ranging bird. This makes it all the more fortunate that the bird was actually found on the patch during its brief sojourn in God's Own County.

In terms of birds that were actually there, of note were the 6+ DUNLIN still as well as one REDSHANK and the drake PINTAIL. In the gull roost were several adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULLS.

It's worth reminding ourselves of what a gorgeous little bird it was - 
here's a shot from our esteemed County Recorder Ian Lewington  (c)

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