Saturday 12th October: Yellow-browed Wrap-up

Sorry for the slow update but I've been away down in Cornwall (you can see how I got on here). I meant to do an update on the YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER before I left but in the end my preparations overtook me. The star Warbler was seen again on Friday throughout the morning though at lunch time there was a sudden torrential downpour which seemed to move it on. After that it was only seen once late in the afternoon with a roving Long-tailed Tit flock by Mark Jennings and one other birder. It wasn't seen at all the next day. Interestingly enough a second Yellow-browed was reported at the Abingdon Science Park on the Friday having been found by some visiting birders on Wednesday. The following week one was seen at Radley in the evening though didn't stick around at all. So, just like the proverbial buses you wait ten years for one (the last twitchable one was in 2003) and then three turn up at once. Anyway, this wonderful bird certainly brightened up was is otherwise a very quiet and boring autumn for the Meadow. For those who want to read up more on it, I've written a finder's account on my personal blog.

Another cracking shot of the bird (c) Roger Wyatt

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