Sunday 26th January

The floods are still very much with us at present. They had been starting to recede nicely by the middle of the week but the heavy rain over the last few days has probably reversed that. I've been checking out the gull roost most evenings, often in the company of Liam Langley though viewing is currently rather difficult as the birds are rather distant. I think that I've been rather spoilt on the gulling front having rather got used to relatively close views on the Meadow - currently they are much more Farmoor-esque. The highlight of recent days was a fine adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL found by Liam and there have been a few adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULLS about as well but no white-wingers so far apart from an aberrant Herring gull with white primaries on one side (probably the bird that was about towards the end of last year).

As part of the Meadow team effort Steve Goddard in Wolvercote has reported Siskin, Green Woodpecker and TAWNY OWL from his garden in Wolvercote. The year list is ticking along nicely though we still need Goldcrest, Kingfisher, Pheasant (perhaps along the canal), Tufted Duck & Pochard (the Gullet in Wolvercote?) and Buzzard if anyone can add these.

Meadow Scene taken by Duncan Eames (c)

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  1. Ah! -- you need Tufted Duck. Quite right, they've been on the Gullet since the start of the year... Any of Goldcrest, Kingfisher, Pheasant or Buzzard (why on earth haven't I seen any Buzzards this month?) is quite possible, will keep my eyes open.