Sunday 23rd February

I've been away this week so haven't actually visited the Meadow at all myself. Fortunately the baton has been taken up by other birders with the headline sighting being a KITTIWAKE that was found by Dave Doherty on Wednesday morning. This is a species that I've yet to see on the Meadow though Dave turned up a couple last year and Alex Martin saw one as well. They tend to be found in the morning on the Meadow rather than being in the evening roost which is why I usually miss them. In fact what was probably the same bird was seen at Farmoor in the roost on Wednesday evening.

Not to be out-done Peter Law visited the same day and turned up a female RED-CRESTED POCHARD. This is another fairly scarce species though we get them occasionally on the floods where they have been known to stay for some time.

Liam Langley reported a couple of Buzzards over by the Perch on Saturday morning - it's about time we got this species on the year list! Finally, I saw my first Patch Sparrowhawk of the year flying over Aristotle Lane by the playground on Sunday afternoon.

By way of homage to Dave's Kittiwake, here's one that I saw whilst down in Cornwall this week.

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