21st August: Spotted Flycatcher

Over the last couple of days I've been checking out Burgess Field each afternoon to see if I can re-find the Redstarts but sadly I've had no luck. I did have a couple of YELLOW WAGTAILS fly over yesterday and today I found what looked like a family party of LESSER WHITETHROATS along the hedge so they may well have bred there.  There were also a couple of juvenile YELLOW WAGTAILS in amongst the horses on the Meadow itself today.

The highlight of today was when I went for a wander along the Castle Mill Stream on my way back home. I came across a roving mixed feeding flock which is always exciting as all sorts of species will join in such flocks at this time of year. In amongst the Warblers, and Tits were a TREE CREEPER and best of all a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER which was a real treat to see as this species is hard to come by on the Patch, being somewhat less than annual. Sadly it was on view for only about twenty seconds before it moved on.

No photos of the Spotted Flycatcher so instead here's a Rusty Dot Pearl,
an immigrant moth that I caught in my garden for the first time last night.

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