Monday 24th November

It's been a steady few days on the Meadow since I lasted posted. The flood waters have been increasing on a near daily basis and are looking really good now. The whole area is awash with birds - there are really good counts of Wigeon in particular. We're even starting to attract some waders: this evening there were two DUNLIN and a SNIPE along the West Shore. Lapwing numbers have also been increasing with about 100 birds there today. The only possible gripe would be the gull roost which is a bit hit and miss at present. There were reasonable numbers on Friday and Saturday with an adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULL being the pick of the bunch but this evening for some reason there were no birds (scared off by a dog I would guess). If there isn't a nucleus of gulls already present at dusk then others just will not come in: we watched them time after time tonight circle low but then head off to Farmoor. The only other news to report is of a SHELDUCK which was hanging about on Friday and Saturday though there was no sign of it today.

This evening it was very misty which, when combined with a pretty sunset made for very atmospheric conditions

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