28th January: Caspian Gull

It's turning out to be a good month for CASPIAN GULLS on the Meadow as this evening in strong winds and freezing temperatures I found a 1w bird in the roost. Photographing it was rather tricky but I managed to get at least some record shots of it. Also present was at least 1 adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULL and a pair of SHELDUCKS. In addition Liam Langley and James Evry saw a pair of PEREGRINE fly low over the floods as well as a flock of about 100 Golden Plover - a species which has been notable by its absence over the last month.

1w Caspian Gull record shot (it's the hindmost of the two birds)

Over the last few days it's been pretty much the usual species with usually one or two Yellow-legged gulls in the roost and perhaps up to a ten GOOSANDER coming in to roost in the evening. PINTAIL numbers have been relatively modest with perhaps about ten or so birds (not that I've counted of late).

I'm pleased to report that we now can tick off Sparrowhawk from the year list with reports from Steve Goddard, Liam Langley and Mary McDougal so that's to everyone for that. This leaves on our wish list Kestrel, Nuthatch, Pheasant, Redpoll, Ruff, Siskin, Little Egret and Jack Snipe. Talking of Siskin I read that due to a bumper crop of Sitka Spruce seeds on which they like to feed they've not needed to venture into people's gardens for food so they're rather scarce this winter.

I leave you with some rather dodgy video of the Caspian Gull (you may wish to turn down your volume because of the wind noise!).

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