Monday 13th April

Today was a WILLOW WARBLER day with three found in Burgess Field this morning by Mary MacDougall and there were at least two late afternoon when I went to visit. It's wonderful to hear their cascading song again in the hedgerows and bushes. In fact one bird ended up singing repeatedly from the same tree that was used as a song post last year in a spot where they bred. I don't know whether it's likely to be the same bird or just another one that finds the spot just as appealing but anyway it was lovely to see and hear.

Apart from that there was a single REDSHANK, 2 OYSTERCATCHERS, 2 SHELDUCK and two LITTLE RINGED PLOVERS to report. Mary also had four Buzzards circling over Burgess Field later afternoon and the Red Kite was about as usual.

Rupert Higgins reported three RED-CRESTED POCHARDS on the floods yesterday (two drakes and a female). Interestingly a group of the same composition was seen today at Rushy Common so it may well be the same birds moving about.

Singing Willow Warbler

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