23rd June

Summer is truly upon us now with the summer solstice come and gone and some much more settled and warmer weather. There are plenty of fledgling birds around (which sadly our cats have been enjoying catching) and loads of insects and flowers to look at. The Jericho RED KITE has paired up with another bird - I wonder whether they will breed this summer. It would be great to having breeding Kites on the Meadow, a real testament to the success of the re-introduction programme.

In Burgess Field the first Marbled White butterfly was on the wing about a week ago as well as the first Large Skipper and the usual Small Heath and Common Blues. We should start getting the smaller Skippers, and the Ringlets out soon now.

Not a butterfly but a freshly emerged Cinnebar Moth
Damselflies are now out and about along the Castle Mill Stream with Red-eyed and Blue-tailed to be seen in moderate numbers. There was an Emperor Dragonfly hawking over Burgess Field the other day.

A female Common Blue Damselfly in the Trap Grounds recently
Of course there are also plenty of summer flowers to look at though I'm still trying to get my head around the subtleties of many of the different species.

Grass Vetchling: its leaves look just like blades of grass
I'm still busy mothing away in the garden and at last the warmer weather means that things are starting to pick up a little.

I caught this huge Poplar Hawk Moth the other night - it's about half the size of your hand
So there's plenty out there to look at even if it's very quiet on the bird front.

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  1. Hello Adam.
    I can't comment on the Upper Thames Moth blog as i'm not a memvber.
    Your most recent post, the fourth micro down is a Eupoecilia angustana.