Monday 10th August

I've been away on and off for a couple of weeks though by all accounts I haven't missed much. The birding highlight since my last post has been a splendid male REDSTART that Roly Pitts found in Burgess Field a few days ago. Whilst this isn't a Patch year tick it's still a great find of what is a good Patch bird. 

The first YELLOW WAGTAILS are now appearing in amongst the horses and cattle on the Meadow - it's always great to see this birds again each Autumn. I've also had a couple of sightings of a HOBBY over the last few days: one flew over my garden and another flew over Burgess Field. Apart from that it's mostly just the usual Warblers that are to be seen in and around the Patch at present.

It's been rather quiet on the Odonata front so far this year. Today I finally managed to see a female Brown Hawker ovipositing along the Castle Mill Stream.

A rather blurry shot of the Brown Hawker - in my defence it was on the far side of the river.

I've not done very much mothing of late though I did manage to find a couple of good micros in the house the other day after someone left the window open. The first was a Large Tabby - not particularly rare though it is new for my garden. The second was Metalampra italica - a rather rare micro for the county though it does seem to be on the increase. This is the second one that I've had in my garden.

Large Tabby

Metalampra italica

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