Wednesday 13th April - Little Gull

Another day, another year tick! This time it was a dainty LITTLE GULL that I found hawking for insects over in Stint Corner late afternoon. It was in a transitional plumage, moulting from 1st winter through to adult-hood so it still had the black W on its wings and the black markings on its head yet it had a lovely pink breast and there were only black markings in the outermost tail feathers. In fact this last feature meant that superficially the tail gave a rather wedge shape impression which got my heart racing as I tried to turn it into a Ross's Gull but eventually I was able to make out the actual tail shape and calmness was restored.

A truly rubbish record shot but it spent almost all its time flying and only settled long enough for me to take this one photo.

Apart from that on the floods there were just the two OYSTERCATCHERS and the two SHELDUCK as well as three Gadwall. It's very quiet on the floods now.

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