June 13th

So, June is progressing pretty much as expected at present. The recent rain has ensured that we've still got remarkably good floods for the time of year though the only bird life to report really is the plethora of Black-headed Gulls with lots of juveniles in amongst them - they've clearly had a good breeding season so far. There have been one or two LITTLE EGRETS still around and the odd SHELDUCK and OYSTERCATCHER but it's otherwise just a few straggler ducks now.

One of many juvenile Black-headed Gulls on the floods at present

On the insect front we're starting to get the summer butterflies on the wing now. I spotted my first Large Skipper and a Common Blue in Burgess Field though the rather poor weather over the last couple of days is rather limiting things. I've managed to spot all the expected smaller odonata now with Common Blue, Azure, Red-eyed, Large Red and Blue-tailed Damselflies all seen as well as Banded Demoiselle. However, as far as the larger dragonflies are concerned, the only one I've seen so far has been a female Broad-bodied Chaser and that was several weeks ago.

Broad-bodied Chaser, taken a few weeks ago

The flowers are of course less weather dependent. I've managed to come across a colony of half a dozen or so Bee Orchids which I was very pleased to see. Apart from that there are all sorts of interesting plants to find that I'm still very much learning about - I'm finding new stuff most days.

Bee Orchid

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