Sunday 21st May

Thanks to the recent spell of heavy rain we've actually got some flood waters back. They are reasonably extensive though if truth be told they don't look that great, with great big lumps of mud sticking out everywhere and no proper shoreline to speak of. Still I've been checking them out this week once per day more or less and today I was rewarded with a GREENSHANK which settled on them briefly. It didn't really find them to its liking and soon left but at least that's another year tick for the patch. Sadly, with the forecast for prolonged hot weather the flood waters should soon disappear again.

Apart from that there's not been much of note. Mary MacDougall reported a male PHEASANT in Burgess Field and three singing REED WARBLERS along the ditch to the east of Burgess Field but that's about it.

Here's some video of a rather enthusiastic Reed Warbler in the Trap Grounds reed bed

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