Thursday 13th July

In a fit of enthusiasm I went for a run up to Godstow last weekend. I didn't take my camera so only had my phone (hence the poor picture quality) but there were a few interesting things to see along the way which I thought that I'd share. They were mostly of a botanical nature but it is July after all so there's not much else about at present.

Chicory always adds a bit of colour at this time of year

A Comma butterlfy showing the white underwing mark that gives it its name.

Good King Henry, growing by the nunnery ruins at Godstow

I hadn't realised that Himalayan Balsam grew along the riverside here. It's a bit of a pest once it gets established but I've not seen it here before

Marbled White on Black Horehound

Birthwort (nationally a rare plant) growing behind the nunnery

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