Monday 28th May

The recent heavy rain has given the floods a reprieve though the hot temperatures that we're now getting means that it's only going to be temporary. Still, the waters have been enough to attract a few more waders down to the patch and recently there was a single COMMON SANDPIPER on the floods. On Friday there were 10 RINGED PLOVER and a single DUNLIN skulking along the north shore but when something flushed them all I noticed a different bird which buzzed back and forth for some time before seemingly heading off. However a short while later it was back and I was able to confirm my suspicion that it was a SANDERLING. We usually get this species quite late in the spring season so it was nice to have one on the year list.

The Sanderling with a Dunlin companion

Apart from that it's mainly been Black-headed Gulls with a few OYSTERCATCHERS that have been gracing the floods. From a peak count of 15 LITTLE EGRET numbers have gone down so I'm guessing that most of the fry have now been caught. 

In the Trap Grounds a couple  more Black-tailed Skimmers have been seen along with the Hairy Hawkers still.

Black-tailed Skimmer courtesy of Nicola Devine

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