22nd September

There have been a couple of new year ticks to report since my last post. Given the on-going lack of water, things like this are going to be thin on the ground and so should be much celebrated. The first was a WHINCHAT which was first found by Nick Boyd up in the Wolvercote allotments but was also reported a couple of days later at the same place by Derek Evans. I went up the next day to try and see it but in very windy conditions (during storm Ali) I couldn't see it. Still it's very nice to get this delightful Chat on the Meadow year list/ Although it's a no uncommon species which is seen annually at places like Otmoor, it's been a few years since the last one here on the Meadow. Incidentally, both Nick and Derek reported good numbers (30+) of YELLOW WAGTAILS in amongst the cattle up at the Wolvercote end. This is good news as this year I'd not seen more than ten down at the southern end - a worryingly low count compared to previous years.

Yellow Wagtail

The second new tick was a RING-NECKED PARAKEET which flew south calling along Kingston Road early one morning this week. This charismatic species breeds in good numbers in and around the London parks and gardens and has a toe-hold in the county over in Henley. In past years single birds have been seen in and around the Meadow but it's been a few years since the last one. Over time the population might spread further along the river from Henley but they seem to be taking their time over it. Incidentally, this is probably the same bird that was seen a couple of days earlier flying over Headington Hill.

Apart from that there's not been a great deal to report. A few Migrant Hawkers are still down by the Castle Mill Stream though this spell of more autumnal weather might soon put paid to them. On the Meadow itself there have been a few loitering Lapwings, as yet just modest Linnet numbers and the occasional Meadow Pipit

Common Darter, it's coming to the end of their season now

Not something you see everyday on the Meadow! A very hardy (as it was rather cold that day) naked rambler striding out towards the river. I don't think that he's The Naked Rambler, who famously rambles the country getting arrested periodically so there must be at least two of them.

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