28th June

At last the unseasonal wet weather that dominated much of June has given way to proper summer weather. Such was the amount of rainfall for much of the month that the flood waters even had a reprieve for a few weeks, attracting a few Black-headed Gulls to loaf around the reformed pools, including the first juvenile birds of the year.

Juvenile Black-headed Gull on the reformed flood waters

Apart from that there has been little of note on the bird front. House Martins were busy gathering mud at the start of the month and could be seen congregating in good numbers on the banks of the river.

House Martins gathering mud

Wood Pigeons are present in large numbers on the fresh grassy area that used to be the flood zone. They are everywhere you look.

The humble Wood Pigeon is often overlooked but they can be quite smart looking birds
It's a lovely time of year to be wandering through Burgess Field. The Marbled Whites and Ringlets are on the wing and with the sunny weather they are easy to spot.

I found this freshly emerged Marbled White composing itself under a bush before taking its first flight
The combination of lots of rain and now bright sunshine now has meant that Burgess Field is a riot of plant life - there are flowers everywhere you look. It's well worth a visit just to admire it all.

One of my favourite Meadow plants, the rather strange Tubular Water-dropwort

Each year this Wild Clary comes up in the same spot at the southern end of the flood area
The Bee Orchids in Burgess Field are just coming into flower now
The Trap Grounds are looking really good presently with some of the newly planted wildflower meadow areas now in full bloom. The dragonfly and damselflies are now on the wing and can be seen hawking over the ponds and grassy areas.

Southern Hawker courtesy of Nicola Devine

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