Friday 26th May: Mediterranean Gull

Wednesday and Thursday were very quiet with just the odd RINGED PLOVER and LITTLE RINGED PLOVER to be found on the fast diminishing floods. Today there was some decent rain at last which topped things up and there was a bit more to look at in the form of a total of 7 DUNLIN and one RINGED PLOVER. However the highlight was a MEDITERRANEAN GULL in amongst the black-headed gulls which, judging by the amount of black in its wings, is moulting into first summer plumage. At this time of year with the June doldrums basically already upon us this was a most welcome find.

A videograb of tonight's Med. gull. It really stood out from the black-headed gulls, partly through it's longer and brighter-coloured legs (c) Adam Hartley

A brief snippet of video before it flew off to the other end of the floods (c) Adam Hartley

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