Tuesday 3rd May

After the excitement of the last few days today was almost anti-climactic with a few of what would normally be good birds seeming somehow faintly disappointing! I went out twice today, once for a midday run and once for a "last orders" walk around the floods at dusk. The usual "resident" birds were there with the three GARGANEY seeming very much at home and a single OYSTERCATCHER still about. There was a large flock of twenty or thirty SWIFTS zooming about so they're definitely "in" now. In addition there were a couple of BAR-TAILED GODWITS at Stint Corner quietly minding their own business - they were there on both occasions that I went out. I managed to see or hear all the resident warblers that are about in Burgess Field as I went through today. The only new additions on my second visit was a single GREENSHANK and ten YELLOW WAGTAIL including one that looked like another female BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL though with a bin-only view at last light I couldn't be certain.

With no particularly good photos taken today, here is some footage that I took a couple of days ago of a common and a green sandpiper

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