3rd to 8th July: Little Stint

I've been away for the week, hence the lack of posts. Fortunately Richard Foster has been keeping an eye on the patch in my absence and in fact on Sunday he turned up a cracking bird in the form of an adult summer plumaged LITTLE STINT. At this time of year this is quite a rare bird and I am suitably gripped off to have missed it. Fortunately Jason Coppock took some video footage so I could at least see what I was missing.

Little stint, filmed (c) by Jason Coppock

Also present on Sunday were 11 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER (mostly juveniles), 1 OYSTERCATCHER, 9 common terns and 1 YELLOW WAGTAIL.

On Monday there was unfortunately no sign of the Stint though there were 4 plovers still though by Friday this number had grown to an impressive 21 birds which must surely be approaching some kind of county record.

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