Saturday 2nd July

The highlight of this week has been LITTLE RINGED PLOVER numbers which have been building up to reach an amazing count of 19 birds on Thursday before falling back a little to 15+ today (Saturday). Apart from that there has been a REDSHANK, a COMMON SANDPIPER, a RINGED PLOVER, an OYSTERCATCHER and a SHELDUCK to add a bit of interest this week. The three lapwing chicks are all doing well and there were a couple of juvenile common terns being fed by an adult this week as well. Today there were quite a few STOCK DOVES around with a couple by the floods and a couple in Burgess Field NR. The butterflies are now flying in good numbers in Burgess Field with marbled white, ringlet, meadow brown, small heath, a gatekeeper and small skippers all on the wing at present. The floods themselves are now fast retreating and we are very much into the end game as far as they are concerned. Still we managed to keep them all through the spring passage and so can't complain too much and if we get a decent bit of rain they could re-flood fairly quickly.

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