Friday 13th January

Another cold afternoon but with some lovely sunshine to light up the birds late afternoon. Today the golden plover were all down in the south west corner near the boat in a tightly packed flock of at least 600 birds. There was a lone DUNLIN accompanying them - the others dunlin may have been hidden within the plover flock. Over in the north east corner were the two RUFF and a total of five REDSHANK. I made a count of the PINTAIL today and came up with a total of thirty birds which is a great total. As the weather was rather good the gull roost was rather poor with not very many large gulls at all though there were plenty of black-headed gulls about. The NUTHATCH was calling away by Medley Farm still and one of the RAVENS came in to land on the Hinterland "cronking" away as it did so.

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