Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th January

The much colder weather has meant that the floods have been frozen over all weekend. On Saturday there was hardly any wind and the bright sunshine made conditions very pleasant indeed despite the cold. There was a small patch of water near the Burgess Field gate which was still open and the remaining birds were all crowded around this area. The four REDSHANK were still about and there were still quite a few PINTAIL in amongst the wigeon and teal.

By Sunday however, the wind picked up and it felt much colder. All the birds had departed the floods apart from a few hardy loafing gulls. A few of the teal found refuge on the Mill Stream as usual and at least two of the REDSHANK were along the river shore.

Stop Press: Tom Coyne reported the two RUFF on the ice with the gulls on Sunday

Ducks on ice on Saturday

Whilst the colder weather is good for bird displacement and might just bring something interesting our way, the floods are very prone to freezing since they are so exposed which is obviously not good for the birds. Once it warms up enough to thaw them we might just attract one of the numerous Iceland gulls that have invaded the country just now.

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