Sunday 13th January

I wasn't able to get out today but here's a summary from David Lowe and Adrian Gray

Barnacle goose - 38
Waxwing - 8 - along the hedge between the railway footbridge and the Meadow again
Ruff  - 2
Redshank - 2+
Dunlin - 2
Yellow legged gull - 3
Pintail - 6

Shelduck 2+

 One of four Nuthatches coming to the feeders by the Sea Scouts hut (c) Pete Styles

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  1. I also visited the meadow in the late afternoon around 15:00.I only had my binoculars with me, but I thought I oould see some great or lesser black backed gulls in the distance. I was standing on the river bank a bit passed the sailing club.