Friday 4th September WRYNECK

At last a decent bird on the Meadow and in Burgess Field too which has hitherto been rather poor on providing proper scarce birds for the Patch. Late this afternoon Jim Grant managed to find a WRYNECK in a line of trees along one of the open fields in the south east corner of Burgess Field. In fact I've been looking out for this species in that general area for several weeks now - it does look very "Wrynecky" and with two already in the county it's clearly a good autumn for them. A great find and at last we've got a good bird to add to the "Past Port Meadow Rarities" section of this blog - I was starting to wonder if this would be the first year that we missed one since I started recording the Patch in 2007.

I'm awaiting more details from Jim about where exactly he saw it and I'll report back in due course.

Jim didn't manage a photo so here's one of the recent Otmoor bird, taken by Neil Duggan (c)

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