Tuesday 15th September: Spotted Flycatcher

After a very quiet period since the Wryneck discovery (there's been no further sign unfortunately) I've another good bird to report. Not in the same league as a Wryneck but I found a lovely SPOTTED FLYCATCHER in Burgess Field in the second field up from the south gate (field 2W using the new map). This one was nicely out in the open and even posed for photos. What's more it stuck around for long enough for it to be twitched by other locals so all in all a very obliging bird.

The Spotted Flycatcher

Apart from that it's been rather quiet on the bird front with just the usual warblers knocking about. The Kingfisher is been seen periodically along the Castle Mill stream and I saw one on the Trap Ground ponds as well. Talking of the Trap Grounds there have been some juvenile Reed Warblers blundering around in the reeds recently so they've had a successful breeding season. On the raptor front there's been a Kestrel back in Burgess Field and Sparrowhawk, Kite and Buzzard sightings

Plenty of dragonflies around still with Migrant and Southern Hawkers both to be found at the Trap Grounds and also in Burgess Field. There are also plenty of Darters about, mostly Common though with some Ruddy.

Common Darter
By the way, I've added a record shot of the Wryneck to the end of the previous post.

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