Sunday 21st February

My apologies for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks. I was away last week and meant to do a post before I left but things rather caught up with me and I ran out of time. There's not been much of particular note to report since my last update and there are no new year ticks to record.

I do have the latest Webs Count results from Anthony Cheke from today to offer you
Greylag Goose  245
Canada Goose  11
Barnacle Goose (f)
Shelduck  2
Wigeon  1600
Gadwall  4
Pintail 2
Shoveler 3+ (only males seen)
Mallard 121
Teal 130+
Gt Crested Grebe  4
Cormorant  3
Moorhen 1
Lapwing 330
Black-headed Gull  2200
Herring Gull (agg.) 10
Lesser B-b Gull  210
Great B-b Gull  14

Anthony also checks out the Wolvercote Lakes (I presume that this is the Gullet area)

Mute Swan 2
Shoveler 1
Mallard 10
Tufted Duck 8
Moorhen 1
Coot 5
Black-headed Gull 24

Now that I'm back, normal service should be resumed.

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