Wednesday 3rd February

Good birding is still to be hard on the Meadow floods though there hasn't been much variety of late. The Dunlin seemed to have moved on as I haven't seen them for the last couple of days now but there are varying numbers of SHELDUCK (up to 8 or so), PINTAIL (up to 6) and GOOSANDER (up to 8) each evening to keep one occupied. The gull roost has been reasonable though the prevailing south westerly wind and the size of the floods means that viewing conditions are rather difficult at present and I haven't found anything noteworthy of late. The highlight over the last few days on the floods was the appearance of the first OYSTERCATCHER of the year - it's good to have this lovely wader back again.

Elsewhere, we're now able to add LESSER REDPOLL to our year list thanks to a report and great photo taken in the Trap Grounds on the 15th January - thanks to Nicola Devine for that. I can also add SNIPE and LITTLE GREBE to the list thanks to some sightings recorded on the excellent Trap Grounds sightings web-site.

Trap Grounds Lesser Redpoll (c) Nicola Devine

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