Thursday 10th May

Once again it was overcast, drizzly and rather windy as I paid my afternoon visit to the floods and once again they were completely waderless. Even the Garganey had gone, having nipped over the hill to Farmoor by all accounts. This just shows what I know about it all having predicted that yesterday's bird might well hang around! The hirundines and swifts were still around in good numbers, particularly the latter species of which there were at least 100 birds, often flying very low an fast right over my head - very impressive. The mute swans were still around as was "Ronald". The highlight of the visit was a pair of 1st summer LITTLE GULLS hanging around on the far shore with a flock of black-headed gulls. Under current conditions one must be thankful for anything that one gets!

Some dodgy record shot digiscoped video of the little gulls, once
 again on the opposite side of the floods, in windy and gloomy conditions.

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