Tuesday 29th May: Channel Wagtail

It's been pretty much the same birds as usual once more. Each evening on my visits I've found the two SHELDUCK, the drake RED-CRESTED POCHARD, several LITTLE EGRETS and the usual black-headed gulls sometimes accompanied by the one remaining 1st summer LITTLE GULL. Today as a bonus there were two RINGED PLOVER and a DUNLIN though they flew off to the North whilst I was there. The most interesting bird was a very smart male CHANNEL WAGTAIL (a hybrid between a yellow wagtail and a continental blue-headed wagtail) which was down near the boat moorings with a couple of pied wagtails.

Whilst the floods are still quite extensive, they are now looking very sorry for them selves with large areas covered in some green algae though this is still a clear channel in the middle. They could really do with a nice top-up of rain at present.

  A couple of shots of the smart male "Channel" wagtail...

...and one of the ringed plover

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