Wednesday 16th May Again!

After writing my entry yesterday I then went out for an evening walk down to the Meadow. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening with not a breath of wind and despite the lateness (it was after 8pm) there were still quite a few birds around. On the floods the two first summer LITTLE GULLS were back, working their way continuously back and forth along the floods picking off flies from the water's surface. There were even a total of 6 TUFTED DUCKS on the floods as well as 3 LITTLE EGRETS and a grey heron, all no doubt taking advantage of the fresh supply of fish that have been trapped by the river flood. There are also a few rather large bream in the floods who seem to be spawning.

I went for a stroll in Burgess Field which is looking very pretty now: if April is the cruelest month then May is certainly the prettiest with all the May flower now out (we can now start "casting clouts" - or does May in the poem refer to the month I wonder). Anyway, enough poetic references, it was looking very nice and there were plenty of the usual warblers warbling away. I even met Richard Foster, back on one of his visits and what's more he'd managed to spot a roosting REDSHANK along the North Shore though with just my bins and in the fading light I couldn't see it myself. Later on my return from Burgess Field I did spot three OYSTERCATCHER over by Stint Corner. So some waders at last! Could this be the start of some more hot wader action, let's hope so.

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