Sunday 29th April

It's all gone very quiet again, hence the lack of posts over the last few days. The chilling northerly winds are back and the temperatures have dropped noticeably: fortunately not to the Siberian levels of our extended winter but certainly for it to feel most un-spring-like. The strong winds have kept the floods rather empty though of course at this time of year there's not much around anyway apart from drop-in passage waders. Over the last few days there have been several COMMON SANDPIPERS, a flock of 4 DUNLIN, a single BLACK-TAILED GODWIT and a few Common Terns. The SHELDUCK are still lingering around and there is a smattering of Teal still left as well as quite a few Mallards.

Away from the floods a HOBBY (the first of the year) was seen by Liam Langley over the Trap Ground allotments, there was a singing Reed Warbler in the Trap Grounds, a single Swift over the Meadow, a few Sand Martins nipping through and the usual smattering of YELLOW WAGTAILS. I'm expecting Garden Warbler any day now in Burgess Field as they're about in the county now. We just need for the wind to drop to encourage some singing. Fortunately the forecast is for improving weather with much reduced wind as the week progresses. There's been no sign of the spring purple patch yet, fingers crossed that it all kicks off shortly.

This Common Sandpiper was quite close in though I was shooting 
right into the sun so it's rather bleached out

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