Thursday 18th April

It was incredibly windy today, and coming from the west it meant that there was no shelter at all for viewing the floods. I braved the conditions briefly late afternoon and managed to find the 20 odd BLACK-TAILED GODWITS still, with their BAR-TAILED GODWIT companion still hanging about. Later on Liam Langley added a couple of COMMON SANDPIPERS and 9 YELLOW WAGTAILS to today's tally.

In Burgess Field I managed to find my REDSTART still in the same place in a small clump of scrub and small trees on the west side of the West Field half way between the West Copse and the North West Gate. There was also quite a noticeable passage of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs working their way through the Reserve.

In the evening Tom Wickens found a Pied Flycatcher working its way along the Thames behind the Ice Rink which is no more than 2km south of the Meadow along the river. The river seems often to be used by migrants on passage so there's every possibility that it will work it's way through the Meadow at some point. Not Patch tickable of course but an enticing thought.

The Godwit flock (c) Roger Wyatt

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