Tuesday 23rd April

Another day of glorious weather today which of course makes for harder birding. The floods were virtually empty though Alex Martin did manage to find a couple of DUNLIN in the morning. I went for a late morning jog around Burgess Field where it too was very quiet with only the occasional Whitethroat song to be heard. Therefore I wasn't expecting much but somehow I managed to stumble upon a splendid couple of WHINCHAT in the West Field. This species is just about annual though scarce enough for me to get excited about finding one. Alex Martin and Liam Langley managed to twitch them and Alex even added a cracking LESSER WHITETHROAT sighting to the day's tally, another reasonably scarce bird for the Patch as somehow they never seem to stick around. I did manage to find a COMMON SANDPIPER along the Castle Mill Stream on my way home but little else. 

Tom Evans is doing a splendid job keeping the Trap Grounds well watched and he reported a couple of REED WARBLER sightings from that area from the last few days, another Patch year tick. We've now only Garden Warbler to get and we'll have got all the warblers that one might reasonably expect from the Patch (unless we manage to luck in on a Cetti's again like we did a few years back).

I only had my point and shoot camera with me so it's a very record-shot 
quality image today of one of the two lovely Whinchat

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