Monday 7th May

The lovely spring weather has brought with it a real problem for the floods which are now receding rapidly and looking decidedly ropey. The whole of the Southern Tail has dried up and there are large areas of churned up mud surrounding what is now a relatively narrow area of flood water. Altogether it's looking decidedly unattractive. This coupled with the nice weather means that not much is bothering to stop off and linger on the floods at present. It seems that at present the best tactics are to visit at last light where birds are tending to drop in to roost en route to their migration destinations. Using this approach over the last few days has turned up a few RINGED PLOVER, LITTLE RINGED PLOVER and DUNLIN which have been hanging out around the fringes in the evening. Monday evening a couple of WHIMBREL dropped in whilst I was there which was nice to see - whilst this species has been recorded already this year on the patch they are hard to see as they seldom linger long. The two SHELDUCK are still around as well as the usual Mallards and the odd Teal. In Burgess Field I'm now able to report that we have one reeling male GRASSHOPPER WARBLER on territory which is great after last year's absence.

Record shot of one of the Whimbrel taken at a distance and in the dark with ISO 1600.

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