Wednesday 1st May

Well, here we are in May already and with the new month has also come some lovely weather. The chilling wind has finally dropped and instead it was lovely spring sunshine all day. I was woken up far too early by May Day revellers so decided to get up to check out the Patch at 6am. I stopped briefly at the Anchor Pub where there were some Morris Dancers doing their thing though as the pub itself is now permanently closed it was a rather sober affair. 

On the floods themselves there was a lovely pair of drake GARAGANEY dabbling away on the water but little else of note apart from the two resident SHELDUCK. I went for a walk in Burgess Field where I finally managed to hear a GARDEN WARBLER babbling away in the undergrowth though I was rather surprised at how few birds were actually singing at this time given the lovely weather. Either they'd already done their stuff an hour earlier or perhaps not all of them have actually arrived yet. Back on the floods the Garganey had moved on - it just goes to show how quickly birds are moving through and does rather make one wonder how much is being missed. The floods aren't exactly looking their best at present with lots of dried mud all around the borders so we could do with a nice bit of rain to freshen it up.

I also visited at the last hour of daylight but there was nothing of note apart from seeing a Swift en route and a couple of hundred large gulls, mostly Lesser Black-backed Gulls roosting on the floods. Talking of gulls, I forgot to mention a nice 2nd summer YELLOW-LEGGED GULL on the floods yesterday morning.

The light was perfect for photography so these digiscoped shots 
haven't come out too badly despite the distance.

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