Tuesday 28th May

Thank heavens for this rain. I know that it's very trying to have such inclement weather but the Meadow floods had in fact completely dried up by Monday. However, this prolonged period of heavy rain has managed to re-flood them quite effectively though the churned up muddy borders does still mean that it all looks rather unappealing. There's been precious little to report since my last posting, though the 26 RINGED PLOVERS did stay for one more full day before moving on. In theory it should by now be far too late for anything of interest to be passing through but given how late everything is this spring who knows what's happening. I'm still checking out the floods just in case.

With all the rain, Burgess Field is looking very green and at last the May Flower is out so in theory we can start "casting clouts" though I'm certainly keeping all my clouts on in the current chilly conditions. I've still not seen any butterflies in Burgess Field - they're several weeks late elsewhere in the county but with any luck they should start appearing some time soon.

I caught this lovely Poplar Hawk Moth in my garden a couple of days ago,
they really are huge beasts

Steve Lavington (c) took this nice photo of a Grasshopper a while back 
which I've been meaning to post for some time

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  1. Hi Gnome is it not usual and possibly important that the meadow dries out for either a or several periods during the year for the diversity to be protected>