Monday 28th December: Caspian Gull

The Meadow is actually producing some interesting birding at the moment. After the long monotonous spell with very little happening there's been a good bit of variety over the last few days. Partly this is due to the gull roost which has improved with reasonable numbers of large gulls coming in to roost and also now that the floods are quite large there's not so much chance of them all being scared off too easily by a dog or over-zealous walker.

Sadly there was no sign of the Ruff this afternoon but this was more than made up for by finding a splendid 2nd winter CASPIAN GULL in amongst the throng - the first of this autmn/winter though not a year tick as we had a few at the start of the year. Always a treat to find, this individual really jumped out at me as I was scanning the flock at last light.

Apart from that there were just 5 GOOSANDER today (4 males and one red-head). There are good numbers of Wigeon and Teal about and I keep forgetting to mention that the SHOVELER are now back on the floods as well, albeit in modest numbers at present. The only winter species which I would expect at this time but which I'm not seeing in numbers is Golden Plover: there was just a single individual on the floods when I arrived and two more came in to land whilst I was there.

2nd Winter Caspian Gull

Some video of the bird - be warned you may wish to turn down the volume as it's rather windy

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