Tuesday 8th December

The bird life on the Meadow has been remarkably unchanging over the last few weeks, no doubt due chiefly to the relatively stable mild weather. Wigeon and Teal numbers have been fairly constant, Lapwing counts haven't really changed and there still have been only very occasional sightings of the Golden Plover. On the grassy area near the floods it's just been the usual Pied Wagtails, Meadow Pipits and Linnets with the occasional SKY LARK to spice things up. I did spot a PEREGRINE making a fruitless pass over the various assembled birds on the floods a couple of weeks back and the RED KITES have been seen most days. SISKINS are seen (or at least heard) down near the canal regularly though I've not heard any Redpoll for a while. One of the current highlights is the regular sightings of a KINGFISHER down by the moored boats or along the Castle Mill Stream. As the river becomes more flooded they find it harder to fish and so have to move to the relative sheltered backwaters in amongst the boats.

It turns out that my Migrant Hawker dragonfly sighting last month was one of the latest records ever in the county. It's not altogether surprising, given how mild it is. Sadly I can only approximately remember the date which is rather frustrating but still its a nice record.

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