Thursday 31st December

I went down to the Meadow for "last orders" today and was rewarded with a vast array of birds. The floods have increased in size since my last visit and the river is now threatening to breach the banks with long fingers of flood water already stretching out along the lower lying areas towards the floods themselves. Sadly the weather didn't co-operate and it started pouring with rain and it soon got too dark to see. I reckon that I only got to view less than 50% of the birds there during my visit which just shows how many there were. 

On to specifics: there were two RUFF visible along the shore though the other seven may have been hiding somewhere. 5 SHELDUCK were on show and there was an excellent count of 17 GOOSANDER today, equally the large count that we had a few weeks ago. In amongst the vast gull roost were at least 5 adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULLS though as I said I wasn't really able to do the roost full justice. 

A Shelduck, taken in sunnier conditions by Roger Wyatt (c)

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