February 14th

As promised, while I'm away here is the photo du jour...

A better photo of the Castle Mill Stream drake tufted duck

Addendum - Mary Gregory writes:
"Today (Tues) on the Meadow
With the cold spell over, the flood thawing and a hint of spring in the air this morning the bird scene has changed substantially. The patches of open water at the south of the flood have brought back subtantial numbers of wigeon, teal and gulls, a dozen shovellers and a few pintails. The lapwing flock has also returned, and a lone redshank was feeding frenetically as if had starved for days. A pair of red kites were circling over Medley and a cormorant flew upriver. The tufted duck and goosanders had departed, leaving the Castle Mill Stream to the usual great crested grebes and moorhens, with a small flock of redwings in the bushes. Just below the railway bridge a group of goldfinches were hopping conspicuously in the trees. Also 80 jackdaws were seen. As the sun shone birdsong was in the air."

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