Wednesday 29th February: Mediterranean Gull

The floods are continuing the processes of losing their winter birds and they seemed even more empty today. This was partly exacerbated by a jogger running right along the shoreline, putting everything up. Nevertheless, the birds are fairly tolerant of this sort of disturbance and whilst we lost a proportion of the (rather small) gull roost, most of them stayed. This was just as well as in amongst the black-headed gulls I found a splendid adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL. These very smart gulls normally pass through the county in March so this one was a bit early but very much appreciated nonetheless. There was no sign of yesterday's oystercatchers nor the ruff but there were 6 REDSHANK and 1 DUNLIN on the wader front and duck interest was boosted by the presence of 5 SHELDUCK as well as a few PINTAIL still. To round things off the LITTLE GREBE was back on the Spinney stream again this evening.

Med. gulls are such smart looking birds in their full summer plumage

Here's a bit of video footage as well.

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