Thursday 23rd February

It was considerably milder, calmer and brighter today which made for a rather pleasant late afternoon visit to the Meadow today. There were a couple of other birders hanging around, presumably looking for the merganser though unfortunately for them it didn't turn up this evening. In fact the sawbill count was much lower than of late with only 5 GOOSANDERS arriving to roost by the time I left. There was an extra RUFF by way of compensation with now four birds present, together with 3 DUNLIN and 2 REDSHANK. Two SHELDUCK added to the duck interest along with several PINTAIL. There was a bit more of interest on the gull front tonight with at least 3 common gulls (2 adults and a 1st winter), one 2nd winter YELLOW-LEGGED GULL and a couple of interesting cases that I still need to think about (though they aren't anything particularly exciting).

The 2nd winter yellow-legged gull this evening

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