Wednesday 8th February

Very much cold weather birding at present with noticeably more birds in the garden today. A male BLACKCAP spent the entire day in the garden feeding on apple and orange segments that I've put out. Other garden sightings today included a couple of dozen fieldfares that flew over, a soaring SPARROWHAWK (a patch year tick) and also the Jericho RED KITE.

The garden blackcap enjoying the apple segments
(shot with ISO800 through a window, hence the poor quality)

A late afternoon walk on the Meadow along the Castle Mill Stream found quite a few displaced birds: the drake TUFTED DUCK was still about and there were a couple of LITTLE GREBES and three GOOSANDER (two drakes and a red-head) as well as a few teal and wigeon and a grey heron. The Meadow floods themselves are still almost completely frozen over with just a small pool left in the central area on which a few die-hard ducks and black-headed gulls were attempting to eke out a living.

Given the darkness (I had to use ISO1600) and the distance
this shot of the three Castle Mill Stream goosander hasn't
come out too badly

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