Saturday 4th August

This morning there were loads of county birders down on the Meadow. Not surprising really considering how at the moment Port Meadow is where all the hot county birding action is at present. Steve Roby, Jarrod Hadfield, Dave Lowe, Ewan Urquhart & Badger between them managed to come up with the following list of sightings: 1 TURNSTONE, 3 GREENSHANK, 3 GREEN SANDPIPER, 2 WOOD SANDPIPER, 5 DUNLIN, 12 COMMON SANDPIPER, 1 RINGED PLOVER, 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER, 2 REDSHANK, 1 SNIPE, 16 Little Egret, 1 YELLOW WAGTAIL & 1 WHITE WAGTAIL (per Ewan).

The Turnstone is a real treat as it's less than annual on the patch and it's another Patch Year Tick. I went down for my customary evening visit where the only real changes were additions to Green Sandpiper (now totalling 5), Ringed Plover (now 7) and Snipe (6). I couldn't find any Med. Gulls tonight though I didn't do as thorough a scan as usual as I wanted to get back for the Olympics on telly.

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