Sunday 26th August

The Meadow floods have continued to hold a good variety of waders over the last few days though I'm still waiting for the "really good bird". The habitat is looking first rate though we don't want to lose much more water before the floods start getting a bit on the small side: a decent bit of rain now to top things up would be ideal. On the bird front the BLACK-TAILED GODWITS have stayed put with up to 8 birds though by Sunday later afternoon this number had gone down to 6. There have been 3 or 4 GREENSHANK the whole time so the core three birds have been with us almost a month now. The two RUFF are also still about, looking very much at home. Other peak counts over the last three days have been 1 REDSHANK, 10 RINGED PLOVER, 3 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER, 13 COMMON SANDPIPER, 2 DUNLIN, 2 golden plover and several SNIPE.

The Black-tailed Godwits in flight (c) Roger Wyatt

I also spotted the "ghost" leucistic EGYPTIAN GOOSE back in amongst the feral greylags again - it's been quite some time since I've last seen it. Talking of leucistic birds there was a leucistic lesser black-backed gull in the gull roost on Saturday night.

The "ghost" Egyptian Goose back on the scene

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