Wednesday 8th August

I decided to visit the Meadow mid-afternoon today for a change: I wanted to see the birds in proper light rather than in the rather gloomy dusk of my recent trips. I had been thinking also about catching up on some photos but it turned out to be a rather bright and hot afternoon and the heat haze was so bad that I soon gave up any thoughts of photography and instead busied myself with trying to get an accurate count of all the waders. This not that easy a task at present because they tend to move around quite a lot and I kept finding myself double-counting them. My finally tallies were: 1 TURNSTONE, 1 BLACK-TAILED GODWIT, 2 GREENSHANK,1 GREEN SANDPIPER, 8+ COMMON SANDPIPER, 4 DUNLIN, 5 RINGED PLOVER, 4 REDSHANK and a few SNIPE and a couple of teal. I also noticed huge numbers of (presumed) Common Damselflies hawking low over the water, often paired up as well as quite a few larger dragonflies which looked like Black-tailed Skimmers from a distance.

 So still no waders photos - instead here's a Gatekeeper from 
Burgess Field from a few days ago

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